The Great Buck Howard

This movie is about a young man (Colin Hanks) who can not figure out what he really wants for his life. He dropped out from school and became assistant road to an old mentalist, Buck Howard (John Malkovich). John Malkovich played really good. He knew about the character and how he transformed from a really nice gentleman to be a rude and angry man is a great act, I think. We know his feeling only from his face and gesture. In my opinion, John malkovich is larger than this movie itself. I really like John Malkovich here.

Colin Hanks played innocent and confuse young man, who really thought that even Buck Howard is dying star, he still has somethng that make we loved him. He knew that the confuse-thing can not pay bills, so he must have a job untill he can figure out wha he really wants.

If you believe in miracle, something is impossible will become possible. If you do what yo love, somehow, money will come to you. If you believe that, it means you have to watch this movie. Did Buck Howard really do the magic or it’s just trick and fake. That one question that you only can find by watching this movie, even though you do believing in miracle…That so???



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