Public Enemies

Very good movie and cool. The story about charming cool charismatic bank robber, John Dillinger (aa Johnny Depp). The opening scene is the good one, really burst my heart. So in that time, government also built a institution for capturing criminals, the initiation of FBI. So the best agent is placed in Chicago, the world criminal city, named Melvin Purvis (Christian Bale). So this movie more or less about a arm bank robbery and what else? Unfortunately, nothing else…hahaha. Garing hah.. A little bit not have deep story about the contrary itself or the effect caused by the robbery action. So, it’s a simply arm robbery dor..dor..dor…the Dillinger guy enter the bank in the black suit with his gang and dor dor dor..the music is really suit with the robbery action. But, the power of this movie is the filming part by the director. Really entertaining. Not boring at all.

I like Melvin Purvis expression when he saw his men came from Marion Cotilard’s apertment. Brilliant. Angry, desperate, confuse at the same time…I love the music in the robbery scene….very oldish. remind you to your gandfather and grandmother and the music tell you that This Dillinger guy did no crime with action except for him, robbing is only for a living… My God…What a guy….hahaha..



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