Notting Hills

A big scrren actress, Anna, came to England for a movie touring. Accidentally she met a young english man named Will. is young man own a non popular book store.

From there, Anna called this man and so on and so on and so on. They fall in love. The thing is, how they manage the relationship without reveling it to the press. Impossible. The roommate, deliverately talked about the beautiful movie star in his house. The press came up and jeopardy the relationship between them.

The question is how is your chance to accidentally throw orange juise to your favourite actress. None?? Noya, you can’t say that. It is still a probab.ility. Then, maybe less than 10%. Okay..this is a love story, and it could be happen. But not in the rare way.

The chemistry between Hugh Grant and Julia robert are good. They seem love each other. Love the way Will tkled joke with martin and his friends. This is a simple happy ending movie. too simple so you can think the edge. Too Simple make this movie meaning less.

Still, this is a worth to watch movie, if you want to embrace your feeling about love



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