A story about a young actor, Lawrence Talbot ( Benicio Del Toro- Che, Traffic, Things lost in the fire, snatch) who come back to homevillage, Talbot Hall. He came back for investigating his brother, Ben, murder. In this Talbot Hall, Lawrence met his estranged father, John Talbot (Anthony Hopkins- Silence of the lamb) and Gwen, his brother “close girlfriend” . Sooner, Lawrence find out that he have been cursed be a wolfman. So did his father. ANd who excatly kill the poor Ben?

The movie is directed by Joe Jonston ( Jumanji- I love jumanji). The movie is shooted in the “procedural way”. The movie flow with the neat plot and sequen. But, after that, audience still remember what the story about. The meaningless story made this movie pointless. Bespite the good performance by Hugo Weaving as a Constable and Benicio del Toro as Lawrence, the movie is rare simple and don’t give much entertaining to the audince. I still keep wondering, how come the most sequen movie has a poor story behind. What is he thinking now (Joe Jonston).

You still can watch this movie if you like the mistical and mitology movie as werewolf. And I recommended this movie if you are a fans of Benicio del toro (he is the only reason I woke up last morning and intend to watch his Wolfman). Or if you want to see Hugo Weaving good performance, you maybe watch this movie. My suggestion, please don’t expect too much, or you will failed your heart.

my rate 7.1


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