RAN, 1985

For me, Akira Kurosawa is the most talented Japanese director. This is one of his excellent movies. Ran means Chaos in English. The story is about an old powerful charismatic landlord, named Hidetora. He has three sons, Taro, Jiro and Saburo. In his old age, he divided his land by three part. The largest castle is for his first son, Taro, the the second castle is for Jiro and the third castel and the smallest is for his youngest son, Saburo.

His youngest son is a rebel son, who didn’t agree with his father decision for divided the land in three. Saburo knows sooner or later they will fight each other. Because of that, Hidetora kick out Saburo from his kingdom. Taro is the less ambition son and he was killed by his own brother, Jiro, and Jiro fall in love with his brother’s wife, lady kaede, the cruel woman. And Jiro want to kill his father. Hidetora became crazy and homeless. One day his youngest son, Saburo came to help him and ask him to stay with him. Hidetora so ashamed with how he treated his son long time ago.

The story is classic about power, betrayal, and love. The father is the strong emotion character. The plot is good, and the director not try to get audience’s shympaty by the dialogue or the plot. the visual is very beautiful and colorful. This the most visually stunning movie from Kurosawa. Overall, Kurosawa didn’t justify the person in this movie. Everybody has their own reason for their behave.

Simply must watch movie, you don’t want to miss the valuable moment when you watch this movie



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