Goodbye Solo

This movie told you about the basic feeling that every people have. Remind me that live is not last forever

This movie set in Winston Salem, North Carolina, The movie open with a taxi driver (Solo) with an old man passenger (William). The taxi driver talked and the old man didn’t care a bout what he is talking about. This scene is the good scene. You will see how a nice man tried to begin a conversation.


This old man activity goes to theater every night. Watch movies. Not the movies made him interest but talking with the box office man is exiciting him (the box office man is happen to be his estranged grandson). This man want to suicide and the asked the taxi driver to ride him to the mountain rock. Solo lived with his fiancee or wife??? I forget and with his fiancee’s daughter, Alex, A smart little girl. One incident at home made Solo lived with William for couple days.


Most of this movie pictured about how two different in character bonding in a life. Solo tried so hard to change william’s mind to suicide. Not in the super way but in only the way he knows (I wonder if Solo is pure American, will he do that. In fact he is an immigrant from a country who praise an honesty and helping each other). In the other side, William tried so hard to push Solo away from his life.


This movie is directed by Ramin Bahrani ( A talented Iranian descent American born director). I love chop shop by Ramin Bahrani. But this movie is clearly more friendly look than Chop Shop. The Director tried to show us that no matter who you are or who you meet, you can also be good by helping them even this person is a stranger (remember Mary & Max, how the strangers made a perfect best friend). And this movie told you that you only can show people the door but you can’t push the person to right into the door. Did william commitee suicide? You will never know, and I believe you will can’t guess too hahaha


This movie told you about the basic feeling that every people has. All you have to do is let people know. I was interesting to watch this movie when I saw the rotten tomatoes give 95% positive review for this movie. I love this movie. Remain me that live is not last forever

My Rate : 8.20





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