Entre Les Murs (The Class)

I think every teacher in the world have one common sense. They share much of their time to see the children grow up in their watch, whether they want it or not

The Class, 2008. This movie is about teacher and his student in inner city in France. Francois, he teaches mix cultural student in the middle low neighborhood. His students come from different culture. The students are critical and the teacher tried to give the best he could. In this movie we talk about the immigrant children maybe they are treated like the second class citizen. There is a Morocco girl that come to the school wear Hijab (Jilbab) but in the class she open her hijab and use the modern dress ( like the other France young girls). Then we will meet the brilliant, shy, quite and talented boy form Kore descent. This Korean boy also sit beside the Korean or Chinese girls, they smart but they don’t talk with the rest of the students. There is a troublemaker child, Souleyman who always tried to get attention from the class. There is black and fat girl who almost never get good mark at the class. There is a responsive boy. The shy girl. But we admired these children courage to express them self.

This movie much more about the bonding between the teacher and his students. He can’t make all of them happy, some of them are can not be taught. So the best the school have to release them. Funny when the students try to argue their teacher, like the Morocco girl doesn’t want to introduce herself before Francois introduces himself first. There is a smart student who always ask about the meaning of the word. Or the troublemaker student asked Francois whether he is gay or not (I can’t stop laughing in this scene, I remember in Indonesia, maybe the student ask the teacher he is gay or not will be exp ell from the school HAHAHHAH) . But at last Francois is just human. He made mistake that he admitted it. This movie choose the non Hollywood happy ending. I think that make this movie different from others movie. The bold. The reality. This movie is not tried to make everybody happy. If you can’t you have to accept your limit.

This movie is directed by Laurent Cantet. This movie also won the Cannes Best Movie. This is not Dead Poet Society movie, even the teacher’s freedom remind us to Robin Williams, and also not Ryan Gosling’s Half Nelson.

This movie have a very strong character, that would make you fall in love to the rest of the cast. They have their own moment toe express in this movie. This is awesome when you know all the players make a good deal and good deed in this movie.

The teacher is played by the real teacher and also the book writer. The director trained the teacher and the student several months. I think the acting is so great. natural.

There are affecting moment in this movies. One, when one of the teacher was complaining about the students behave and the other teacher knew if they want to pass the un winning situation the have to accept that situation. The other moment when the mother’s of a student told the teacher how good her son is, very touchy how a mother love can express that much to her son. This movie told us, it’s not easy become a teacher, it’s must come from the deep of your heart, because you have to be the role model for the students not only become the gigantic statue that stood in from of the class. I remember my teacher after that, and remember how different the teaching school in my country, Indonesia. However, I think every teacher in the world have one common sense. They share much of their time to see the children grow up in their watch, whether they want it or not.

I love this movie, that’s why this movie is 8.88


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