Das Leben Der Anderen, 2006

I love the idea of compassion of human being

This a German movie directing by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. The setting is before the German wall fallen. A Playwright, Dreyman is under survelliance by East German government for pro-Western sympathies. Dreyman lives with his beautiful lover, Christa Maria. They are under surveliance by Wiesler. By time, Wiesler is built compassion for this couple and tried to protect the couple and always lied to his superior about the couple. At the end we will find out that the purpose behind the survelliance is not only about political issue but also there is a self interest from the East German Prime Minister.

The movie tell about even when you have to face your enemy you will know that you still can see the true obaut human being. The dilague is really good and interesting. The scene is sequence. The movie not tried to take aside between Weisler and Dreyman. This movie is also not tried to dictated viewer to accept the concept about what is right and wrong.

There are affecting moments in this movie which is when Dreyman from his taxi saw Weisler walked on the road with pamflet on his hand. And the scene when Weisler bought a book “Sonata For A Good Man” and the cashier asked him wheter the book ned to be wrapped or not, and Weisler answered ” no, the book is for me” The word is so meaning full not only because he bought that book for himself but also the book is written by Dreyman for him only with gratitude.

This is a really good movie from German, I love the idea of compassion of human being. It’s a must watch movie if you love movies as much as I do 🙂

My Rate : 8.80


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