A Serious Man

A seriously funny movie from Coen Brothers

This movie is about A SERIOUS MAN or how to be a serious in what you believe. A Jewish Man, Larry Gopnik is a boring and serious professor. His life is look like so simple and happy. He has a wife, Judith and two children (david & Sarah). His brother, Arthur sleep on his couch. But his life is not that simple. His wife cheated with his friend, Sy Albleman. His son scared too much and always being chased by a ruthless neighbor. His daughter keep stealing his money from his wallet for a nose job. And his brother bug him by sleeping in his house. His sexy neighbor naked on the yard and temp his sexual needs. His Chinese student tried to bribe him for passing grade (this is the funniest scene in this movie, I can’t stop laughing hahaha)

This is a very Coen Brothers movie. So this movie for fans only. If you hate and don’t understand No Country for the Old Men, Burn After Reading, Fargo, Barton Fink, or Miller’s Crossing, please don’t watch this movie. This is a very good movie (for me). Larry Gopnik played very beautiful. What is the message of the movie? I think Coens tried to tell people that bad thing could happen to everyone, even you A SERIOUS MAN in believing your religion.

At this point Larry faced the fact about the question “is GOD real” and if there is God, why God keep suffering human. And larry seek for the answer through the religious man, Rabbi, I think like any other religious man all over the world, we keep wondering, do these religious men know what he’s talking about?” Are Larry satisfied with the rabbi (in Indonesia maybe Kyai or Pendeta)? NO. even the rabbi is a fake person who seeking for answer too.

I love this movie so much.  What larry choice, is he still stand on his believe and life value? or is he still commit be always A SERIOUS MAN? or did he choose not believing in God anymore? this movie is not giving answer to satisfied the audiences need. It is about how you keep moving in your life. And Please don’t be shock when the movie ended “suddenly”, coz that the Coen way. Coen Brothers shoot this movie in the incredible way

My Rate : 8.8


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