The Turtles Can Fly

Imagine if we put ourselves in their shoes. What could it be? Are we as strong as these children?

First time I watched this movie back to 2008. This movie was open my eyes about war’s impact to the children and women. The movie set in 2003, just prior to the American invasion of Iraq, when the local Kurdish population was anticipating some sort of liberation that such an invasion might generate. Some Kurdish move to the refugees camp. In this camp there is a smart teen boy named Satellite (Soran Ebrahim). He has an instinct for business which is he known for his installation of dishes and antennae for local villages who are looking for news of Saddam Hussein and for his limited knowledge of English. His activities every day is collect the booby trap in the camp location and barter it with radio or antennae and also rides bicycle. In the camp there are also quiet siblings an armless teen Hyenkov (Hiresh Feysal Rahman) and his teen sister Agrin (Avaz Latif) and a baby brother Risa. Satelite fallen in love with the bitter Agrin and this girl all the way rejected this young boy.

Satellite curious for Agrin more and more. Why this young girl rejected him and so bitter, the most is he’s curious why this young girl hates his little brother, Risa so much and even she tried to abandon this baby brother once. And why the armless boy so overprotected to his siblings. Why? And so many questions in this young boy’s head

The refugees live in tents and huts. They raise money by scavenging and hope for the world to rescue them. Satellite is the most brilliant child in this camp. he has the leadership vein in his blood. He gathers all children and traveling with his bicycle to collect more booby trap. He is the busy young boy that even have no time to mourning about his sad and abandon life. He is a refugees also, yes, but this reality didn’t make this 13 years old boy stop thinking for the better living.

Is it a good choice to wait for help from America? This villager in the camp think so. what America did? Are Kurdish people have a better life after the war? Kurdish become elite politic in Iraq not only because their capability but chosen precisely because his people are powerless. For years the Kurdish have struggled to define the borders of a homeland the other states refuse to acknowledge. Do America care? Honestly, I don’t know

What make this movie so special. The casts. The boys and girls who played in the movie. Why so? Because they are real refugees. They are not actresses and not actors. They simply do the movie like their real life. Two thumps up for that.

This movie was directed by Bahman Ghobadi, an Iranian film director of Kurdish ethnicity. What Ghobadi tried to tell is very rare and bless. He was not judging people by the quotes but tried to tell us this is the fact of war. Ghobadi tried to tell us that it’s not a war movie, and it’s also not a ROMEO and JULIET tragic love story either. It is about a village pond can hold both rare golden heart and unforgivable evil, and where every step is onto booby-trapped terrain. Maybe there is some scene remind us to Abbas Kiarostami’s movies, but I guess this director learned from the best. The storytelling of this movie is very powerful and soaring our heart about the unlucky children all over the world. It could be our sister/brother, Our son/daughter. who else?

I don’t like the ending of this movie, not because it’s bad but it’s because to close to reality that happen in Iraq. It’s a bitter choice. It’s a bitter reality that I tried to ignore, but deep down in my heart, I do understand why people have to choose. Not because they are strong enough to carry the burden, but sometime they are too tired to walk forward. This is not up to me about the ending of this movie. So whatever it is, the question in my mind, what we have to do to make our life worth for living?

Turtles Can Fly, have wonderful meaning, I quoted: turtles have a very long life. In that long life, they live partly on water and partly on land. This is symbolic for the joy and anguish and migration of the Kurdish. The slow-moving turtle is like the Kurdish, with all of their problems, they have managed to move forward, and they hope to end up upright

I recommend this movie

My Rate : 8.3


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