No Country for the Old Men

This is the best movie in 2007. I remember I took a day off to watch this movie in 2007 and my boss said “WHAT!!!!!!, only for watch movie? He didn’t know how great this movie HAHAHAHA. The story about a man (Josh Brolin) who found a suitcase in the land where he was hunting Off course that a mistake to bring home something was not belong to you. Then, he took that suitcase home. And there is a psychopath hit man named Chigurh ( who hunting him down. In this movie also there is an old sheriff, Tommy Lee Jones but I think the sheriff doesn’t do much in this movie. The hit man always flip a coin to decide human life weather he kill the person or not. Like the movie tagline “There are no clean getaway”

The movie its self so tense that will bust your blood and mind. This is the most excellent thriller movie that I ever watch. The way intrigue between Brolin and Javier Bardem is really so good. I watched this movie at theater and I didn’t even want to pee even I have to do it so, because I think this movie is really good that you can not pass it even one minute.

The scenes is Coen Brother trademark, satire, dark and quite funny but in noir funny. The way Chigurh talk it’s really funny but I bet you can’t smile or laugh when you hear it because at the same time the tense is all over the room. Josh brolin played his character so good, so does Tommy Lee Jones. For Javier Bardem, I think an Oscar for him is not enough for his performing in the movie. It’s superb, brilliant. with his accent, funny hair cut, that really bring a dangerous and psychopath hit man alive. I think this is the best Coen brother movie. better than Fargo, Barton Fink, The Big Lebowski and Miller Crossing. You have to watch it and prepare for the best action thriller movie ever. Brilliant movie from Coen Brothers. Brilliant.

My point is : 9.3


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