Everybody’s Fine, 2009

If you watch this, you will love your father more

A Story about an old man Frank (Robert DeNiro) who has 4 children. Amy, Rosie, David and Robert. All his children live in seperate town. After the death of his wife, Frank feels kind of lonely, so he decided to invite his children for dinner. On the day, one by one his children cancel their incoming for dinner. Despite waiting his children for next dinner invitation, Frank decide to visit all his children. First He visited David who live in New York, but he didn’t meet David (an artist, painter). Then he went to his daughter Amy in Chicago, a sucessful business woman, then he visited his other son, Robert (a music conductor) in Denver, then he visit the last one, Rosie (a professional dancer) in Las Vegas. All his children acted weird, so he begun feel suspicious. What is his children hide from him? and why they act so weird, the question will be answered peace by peace as the movies going to end.

This movie is directed by Kirk Jones. The movie is shot sometime in flash back, but you still can follow the purpose of it. This is a sequen movie, so you wont be difficult to follow it. Even the movie is a drama movie but it’s kind of gloom. A little bit poignant. A father in this movie tell us about his feeling to his children but implicitly. He does love his children especially the scene involved David, I keep thinking that is so hard to be a child of someone. the plot are perfect, even there is one or two plot hole in the beginning of movie. The dialoque is awesome. Great. Meaningful. I like the movies with a good editing, this movie one of them. (for me film editing is very important, the movie will be a shitty movie if the editor doesn’t know how to edit the movie become great and good to watch)

The touchy moments
1. At the station, when Frank try to help a boy. God. I think I will kill that boy. How dare him!!!!
2. The moment at hospital when Frank saw David..really touchy..it’s a heartbreaking
3. When the fater and son (Robert and Frank) talk behind the music building. about the smoking thing hehehe, make me smile

At the end. This is everybody’s movie, because everybody has a father. This movie tell us that not only is very hard to be a parent, but also is very hard to be a child/son/daughter also. That what’s David felt. He tried so hard to make his father proud of him, to be someone, not just a painter!!!

Very recommended movie. And thank you for reading this 🙂



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